Vita is a self-taught culinary artist who specializes in vegan cuisine and, by way of her business, she curates unique food experiences. From lectures, to demos, to hands-on virtual sessions, Vita shares the joys, benefits, and how-to of vegan cooking. She goes beyond simply cooking recipes to presenting the history, culture, and health benefits of the foods. With her business she also covers how veganism sustains our health, other creatures, and our planet.
I loved working on this brand identity with Vita! We were able to tie in so many important elements from her history into this identity. For example, her logo mark was inspired by the time that she studied at University of Ghana for six weeks in the summer of 1994. Vita became really drawn to Adinkra symbols, which like Chinese characters, have a proverb associated with each. We tied her chosen Adinkra symbol called "Nyame Nti" into her logo system!
I also designed Vita's website on Wordpress which can be found at!

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