Seasoned Vegan is a family business owned and operated by mother and son, Brenda and Aaron Beener. They pride themselves on being loyal to their vegan/vegetarian customers by maintaining an organic, 100% vegan menu while creating meals that are delicious enough to satisfy the most skeptical omnivore.
I reimagined their preexisting branding and logo. I pulled a lot of inspiration from their food, and the warmth and color that it hasĀ in the color scheme. The logo was inspired by the restaurant's focus on building an embracing plant-based community, specifically in Harlem, NYC.
Vita is a self-taught culinary artist who specializes in vegan cuisine and, by way of her business, curates unique food experiences. From lectures, to demos, to hands-on virtual sessions, Vita share the joys, benefits, and how-to of vegan cooking.
From our very first conversations, I knew that Vita wanted a clean and classic logo. I gave her that but also used the Adinkra symbol that she felt really connected to, to add a more graphic and textured element! That symbol worked really well in a variety of different uses from logomark to a subtle background pattern.
The Queer Development Lab is a research group dedicated to conducting research that documents the drivers of LGBTQ health disparities, particularly at the intersection of racism and homophobia. They are also committed to providing evidence on how stigma, health, access to resources, and joy are experienced in diverse ways within the LGBTQ community.
This brand identity prioritizes adaptability. Its simplicity and easily recognizable form can be effortlessly recreated by hand. It comprises overlapped squares connected by pink triangles, which hold historical significance as a reclaimed symbol of queer pride. The squares offer versatility, allowing for as many or as few as desired. The unique shapes they create, as they tilt and turn, are always shared between the two squares. The triangle can be rendered in the powerful and classic pink color or even replaced with different pride flags.
Some additional designs that were created in the process of this commission but did not make it to the final brand can be found below:

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